Apexls Creative LED Shinning at Midea Innovation Center

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2016-02-26

At the beginning of 2016, Apexls Engineering department forwarded the good news, the Creative LED display project had been installed and accepted successfully by Midea Global Innovation Center.
led display
This Creative LED display located in front of the building of Midea Group Shunde headquarter Innovation center, designed and installed by Apexls. The designer combined the on-site landscape architecture, designed into 2pcs of Parallelogram LED displays, towards to two directions. The beautiful and creative design gives deep impression to the visitors. It became the focus once the LED display lighted.
This P10mm LED display, the rectangle part of this Parallelogram LED displays is about 18.43 sqm, up and down triangle part is 7.2sqm, total screen area of 2pcs LED displays are 52sqm. 
led display
The biggest feature of this LED display is adopting the Ledman under dip LED lamp, which is the patent products of LEDman, there’re four advantages of this innovative technology: First, energy-saving and environment protection. Second, Wider viewing angle, Third, higher brightness; Four, great color consistency. This type of LED lamp is for high-level customers, now is widely used and will become the mainstream products in the market.
This creative LED display project will enhance the innovation capability of Midea group, and it’s the milestone of Midea upgrade strategy.