Ledman and Subsidiary Company Apexls Won Three Awards in the 5th LED Industry Billboard

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2017-02-14

Intelligence, which is an innovative model in regional economy and industry development; Fission, which is a necessary skills to breakthrough in the LED industry;Innovation,determining on the direction of the future development in LED industry. On 11th January afternoon, “Knocking on 2017 LED New Discovery Forum and the 15th China LED Industry Billboard Award Ceremony” was held by the Guangdong Provincial High-tech Development Research Institute, Guangdong Province Semiconductor Lighting Industry Innovation Center and Guangdong Province the Semiconductor Light Source Industry Association in the Ming Guan Hotel in Jiangmen. There are totally over 350 LED elites attend the conference. Martin Lee, the chairman and CEO of Ledman, was invited as the special guest to attend this conference.
At the conference of the "Knocking on 2017 LED New Discovery", Martin Lee shared the development of Ledman Optoelectronic at the Golden 60 minutes. In the past year, LED is the main business of Ledman Optoelectronic, with development stably, Ledman sports layout also tended to internationalization, titled Ligapro League and acquired Australian football team Newcastle jets F.C, development overseas plan to help the Chinese football team step on the international stage. Meanwhile, ramming the main LED industry, Ledman Optoelectronic trans-bordered to the sports industry, achieving the change of the "LED product service providers, sports resource operators. Finally, Martin Lee said, in the global economic informational era, we needed to pay attention on the international situation and political developments after the new president of US on board.
At the same time, Martin Lee also won the "Influential Man in Top 10 LED Industry ". Besides, Ledman Optoelectronic won the "LED Industry Trans-border Potential Award". What’s more, Ledman’s Optoelectronic subsidiary enterprise Apexls won the "LED Industry Products Cutting-edge Awards."
Since established, Ledman Optoelectronic has been realized dual enterprises layout by Martin Li. Ledman sports layout is mature gradually, from the era 1.0 ---the official sponsor of the Super League to Ledman Sports era 3.0. In addition, Ledman Optoelectronic sponsored the Portuguese professional football league and acquired Australian Newcastle Jets F.C, Ledman also signed the China FA Cup in 2016, and acquired Vision China Media by 49% of stake, Ledman’s brands gradually expanded, sports industry chain has improved step by step. 
Meanwhile, developing sports resources, Ledman Optoelectronic won the "LED Industry Trans-border  Potential Award" with excellent technology patents and innovation R & D. Up to now, Ledman Optoelectronic has owned total of 225 scientific and technological patents, including 69 invention patents, 112 utility model patents, 44 patents of appearance. With the realization of technological innovation, enriching the LED industry and develop overseas LED market layout, LED Products have been spread all over the world, from Bali airport to the British Streets, the National Gene Pool, Hua Nan City in Xi’an, Ledman’s LED brands have been everywhere. Ledman’s LED products and sports, those two main industries with great future.
In addition, can LED display from Apexl, as a personalized products in precise market applications with high practical value, innovation outstanding, energy saving, environmental protection, economic and social benefits, it is the pioneer in the domestic industry
Next year, with new opportunities and challenges, glory can be encouragement and spur. Ledman Optoelectronic will keep punching, insisting on LED products service provided and sports resources operators dual major business. Brilliant the word is the vision of Ledman Optoelectronic. Let’s look forward to Ledman’s new LED journey and Ledman Sports Era 4.0 in 2017.