Apexls Led dispaly decorating Changfeng Planning Exhibition Hall

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2017-05-10

Recently, the Planning Exhibition Hall Led display project has been successful completed(location:Changfeng County,Anhui Province) , which was contracted by Apexls-a Subsidiary company of Ledman Group.
Apexls Led dispaly
This project contains several creative display divisions, semicircle 16.2m², Polygon7.2m²(P4), Ribbon14.9m²(P7.62), Single red 3.2m².
The design concept of the project is” human eye”, also “a door to the future”, these creative screens from research to design, production and installation, Apexls has achieved the task in advance, when the display lights on, people highly appraise it’s exquisite pictures and real color views, the effect is more than expected!
Apexls Led dispaly
The Planning Hall will become a famous culture and science education place for citizens, in a soon time.
Changfeng County is national level famous for it’s grain production base, strawberry production, pig farming,oil-bearing crops,etc.