Apexls acquired four patent certificates from National Intellectual Property Office

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2017-05-12

Since 2017, Apexls acquired another four patent certificates from national Intellectual Property Office, including an invention patent and three utility model patents. Among them, "a designing way for the spherical LED display pixel changing" is the invention patent, "a hyperboloid LED display", "a kind of LED display screen" and "a horn-shape LED display" are utility model patents.
LED Display
《a designing way for the spherical LED display pixel changing》, patent number: ZL201410387189.4, the invention discloses a method used for spherical LED display pixels change, it is the spherical body on the meridian of adjacent pixels on the warp keeping the spacing value equal,  For the latitude direction pixels ,the pixel spacing number changes in accordance with the following rules: N/X = A, don't need to do snapshot;  N/X < A, after every pixel snapshot to recalculate the N/X, until N/X value equals to A approximately , When N/X > A, after adding every pixel to recalculate the N/X, until N/X value equals to A approximately; Among them, N is weft length for the unit, X is the number of pixels, A is the pixel spacing This technical The pixel change method for the spherical LED screen in the technical scheme can make  the image presentation uniformly; and the arrangement between the pixels reasonable and does not cause waste.
《A hyperboloid LED display screen》, patent number: ZL201620725541.5, the utility model discloses a hyperboloid LED display, including multiple display surfaces, The LED display surfaces refer to display surface, and the LED lamp which set on the LED board, and the related power supply also the controller. The controller controls the LED displaying by the LED board. LED display panels of multiple display surfaces surround close to form a central inner concave, are divergent on both ends, with real axis into an axisymmetric unit. The patent describes the whole cross section of the approximate circle, from solid axle to extension direction, describes circular showed a trend of gradual increase in diameter.The utility model of the LED display for hyperboloid shape, can be placed directly on the ground, particularly applicable to certain places, such as square or fair, don't need to install, save the labor cost.
《A kind of LED display screen》, Patent No:ZL201620725210.1, The utility model discloses an LED display screen which is provided with framework, several display units and several driving modules, display units will be in accordance with driving modules; Framework includes several framework brackets which is arranged in the circumferential direction, between each framework bracket, connect several detachable framework brackets which arranged in the axial direction, to form the column shape framework; Display units includes printed circuit board and several LED lamps which as installed on the printed circuit board,  printed circuit board is connected with correspondent driving module, display units is mounted on the outer surface of framework to form the column shape LED display,Framework bracket has a tenon in its radial direction, Side plug of framework board is set at the tenon to connect with framework bracket. This utility model led display screen, can be installed without extra framework bracket to support the LED display, and can also provide convenient dis-assembly and assembly of column shape LED display,  and convenient for transportation.
《a horn-shape LED display》,Patent No.ZL201620707882.X.  The utility model discloses a horn shape LED display comprising a plurality of display surfaces which are including LED lamp board, lamp , power supply and controller. The controller controls the display of the LED lamp on the LED printed circuit board. The plurality of display surfaces are arranged to make a divergent horn shape LED display.The integral cross-section of it is like a circular extending from the bottom to the top and the diameter of the circle is increasing gradually. This horn shaped led display can be placed directly on the ground, especially suitable for some specific places, such as squares and fairs. It does not need to be assembled and can save a lot of labor costs.
So far, Apexls has acquired nearly 100 patents, including multiple invention patents, like the LED sphere screen, LED triangle screen, LED trapezoidal screen, LED Column screen etc. the acquisition of these patents is the State Intellectual Property Office to Apexls independent research and development capabilities on the recognition, All of all, embody Apexls insist on the technology research and development, and focus on product innovation determination, greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and Apexls insist on the long-term comprehensive protection of independent intellectual property rights of the results, and better safeguard the benefits of the company and customers.