Apexls Led KIA Seoul Headquater Exhibition Hall Project

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2017-06-23

KIA Motors Group was established in 1944, it’s the oldest car manufacturer in Korea and merged with Hyundai Group in 2000. Now Hyundai KIA is the world's fifth largest automobile manufacturer, the sales network extends to 180 countries and regions worldwide.
Recently, Apexls P2.5 indoor Led display has decorated KIA Motors Exhibition Hall(Seoul Headquater, South Korea) and enjoyed high acceptance and recognition by it’s creative design and excellence performance.  
Led display
KIA Seoul project comprises total area of 47m² including 6.9 m² right angle screen and 39.4m² inner-arc screen. The right angle screen applies with two sides of the pillar and high-end aluminium material to ensure seamless connection, the right angle of the gap control in less than 1mm, reflecting the strong sense of design and fine workmanship of Apexls Led display.
The Inside-arc screen with die-casting aluminum box achieves seamless stitching, high flatness effects, module, power supply and receiving cards are totally front serviceable. This design perfomances beautiful atmosphere and reduces maintenance costs, improves the value of the display, showing very good viewing experience to audiences, perfectly fulfilled positive visual and advertising effects.
Led display
This entire display system can work co-operatively with the mechanical linkage structure in the exhibition hall, accomplishing movable screen level for flexible screen display and establish LED screen vitality. These two customized LED screen can be freely separated or assembled together to play video with unaffected screen-deformed issue, clear screen picture, large viewing angle and high contrast feature. In addition, transparent ceiling top and ground makes the whole exhibition hall completely integrated into one outshine stunning Kia Motor Corporation image. 
KIA Seoul project is reflecting Apexls’ superb massive project handling experience from R&D, manufacturing and installation, Apexls is a powerful and trustful Led display project partner.