"Space-time ball" Tour --- Apexls Led sphere residents in Qinshan Nuclear Power Stati

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2017-08-14

Recently, as the main part of first Chinese nuclear power station(NPS),  Qinshan NPS Science and Technology Museum has ushered a brand-new landscape. With great future sense of time and scientific innovation, Ledman Group’s holding subsidiary--Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. has designed and produced this Led “Space-time ball”. 
LED Display
This φ8m indoor P7.62  "Space-time ball" independently R & D, produced by Apexls, a intellectual property rights and patented masterpiece, unveiling the nuclear power and closely touching the advanced nuclear science knowledge are the theme purposes of nuclear power industry tour.
LED Display
At the beginning design phase, to create guidelines for the space shuttle concept, Apexls engineers have taken overall considerations of space art, humanities environment, science and technology, display performance, at the same time, "creative design and space-time ball" highly integrated, fully embodies the aesthetic , thus, solutions combined φ8m Led screen with the long air bridge and opened a through door for tourists, The Led ball playing nuclear power related knowledge and promotional video outside, including the human civilization and science and technology, energy, nuclear reactors, nuclear safety and environmental protection, Chinese nuclear industry history, the charm of sea salt, etc., and when visitors go through the LED sphere, there are shocking effects of generations distance bring extraordinary visual experience, too. 
Coming to see me soon?  "Beautiful Qinshan Nuclear Power Tour" will become a beautiful landscape.