Ledman-Apexls Led Spherical display, Listen with us "Voice of Dream"

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2017-10-24

"Fly in the wind by wings of dreams, we bravely take chances to love and to do"
Everyone has his own dreams, dreaming far away!
Only we never stop in pursuing,
As we can bath in the light of dreaming.
Now, let LedMan - Apexls LED spherical display taking you,
Following the wings of dreams together,
Listening “voice of dream” together!
Led Spherical display
"Voice of Dream is one of the third dream-reader TV programs launched by Zhejiang TV, a large inspirational music talent show. As foundation of dreams, in the way of interchange, let the amateur singer challenging with the famous singers face to face, to booster everyone’s music dream and applause for everyone’s voice. In 3rd of November,  the second quarter “Voice of Dream” will be officially starting,  the new season “voice of dream” will be joined by JJ Lin, Sandy Lam, Yu Quan, Jane Zhang, continuing to support our amateur singers to fulfil their extraordinary music dreams.
"Voice of dream" has a very cool stage, which bringing our audience not only the feast of music, but also a feeling of visual enjoyment. The stage built with energy spherical display, gate of music and new design of sound ladder, which creating a more gorgeous and splendid dream stage!
Led Spherical display
The gate of music built by Apexls Optoelectronic-subsidiary of Ledman. On the stage of "voice of dream", all the players get through the gate of music to the sound ladder controlling by the robotic arm, then go to the center of the stage for the show.
After many times on-site testing and communicating with the stage designers, Apexls R&D engineers finally adopted 6meter diameter Ph6mm led half-spherical display, by dividing the half-spherical into 6 pieces with independent mechanical arm controlling. When the music playing, players appear on stage, the gate of music opening slowly from down to up, as if a slowly opened eyes, and the players step the performance to achieve their music dream by the opening gate of music.
Meanwell when the famous singers and the player performing, Apexls led spherical display shows the complement video with the players’ songs, combined the entire stage with colorful and lighting up the players’ performance, leading the audience in the dream of the voice!
Led Spherical display
LED spherical display is Apexls’s patent product, which won the new record of twelfth Shenzhen enterprises. As the main recommended creative LED display products, LED spherical screen has the characteristics of seamless splicing, high resolution, no distortion, viewing angle of 360 degrees. And the derived products are  LED dome screen, LED spherical screen, arc LED ball , LED telescopic ball and other products. These LED special display products are highly innovative and can be customized for personal and widely used in museums, science and technology museums, planetarium, children's palace, stage, star hotels, high-end shopping malls, bars and other places of application.
Apexls Creative LED display, amazing your eyes, helping your dreams!