The first batch of installation and debugging of Ledman COB MilliLED display equipment

Author: Apexls From: Time: 2018-01-16

After nearly two years intensive research and technological process accumulation, Ledman third generation COB MilliLED display panel is coming soon.

It is reported that the renovated Ledman Huizhou manufacturing base of semiconductor plant began to accept a variety of manufacturing equipments since December 2017, and it is expected to have a trial debugging and production during January and February 2018, and a mass production will be achieved in March 2018. Ledman will use its part of equity fund and existing plant to start up this mass production, the first phase of investment plans to 60 million yuan.  According to the market demand, Ledman will increase investment to achieve more large-scale supply in 2018.

Pixel pitch 2mm to 0.5mm COB MilliLED display panel is the upgraded replacement product of SMD small pitch LED display panel with higher reliability, protection, contrast and other excellent performance which is the future recognized small-pitch LED display technology and product direction in the next few years with a higher technical process difficulty and the difficulty of supporting the industrial chain.

Ledman optoelectronic is the industry's leading LED packaging and display technology company, has stored for more than 10 patents related with COB display, COB technology will replace small SMD display space which plays an important role in the replacement and leadership.