Deva Eye accompanies your space journey -- Apexls Telescopic Led Sphere

Author: Apexls From: Time: 2018-04-27

    Southern Guizhou State Museum of science and technology opens to the public recently, a landmark project named "Deva Eye" deeply appeals to the audiences. It’s a φ4m P4 telescopic Led sphere made by Apexls, which is a subsidiary company of Ledman Group(stock code: 300162). 
Telescopic Led Sphere
    The main task of Deva Eye is to display various contents of celestial information and physical phenomena, specially to reflect the space scenes which detected by FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope) and redesigned as 1:50 scaling ratio. Combine with the nature of telescopic sphere, these mysterious scenes become magical and dynamic, audiences will be swiftly immersed into their space journeys .
    48pcs of retractable Led P4 modules forms a sphere shape, similar designed as FAST and seating on a φ10m parabola, surrounding by 4 sets of touch consoles, Led sphere units shall react electromagnetic waves lights accordingly as well.
Telescopic Led Sphere
    Deva Eye integrates various scientific theories including Mechanics, Cybernetics, Aesthetics and Engineering into Led display technology together. Each cabinet install on an individual mechanical arm, spreads like a flower and shrinks as an human eyeball.
    Telescopic Led sphere is one of Apexls patented Led product, features on random programming operation and partition broadcasting, 360 degree view angle, suitable to be Science Museum, Exhibition fair and shopping mall project.