LEDman-Apexls sincerely invite you to visit the Infocomm 2018 Show

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2018-06-06

Infocomm USA 2018 Show will grandly open on June 6th, 2018 in Las Vegas Convention Center, As the large-scale and widely-affected industry event for audio-visual buyers and sellers, it brings together audiovisual technologies and solutions for applications in education and training, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, architecture, corporate and government sectors.
LED Display
LEDman-Apexls (Booth No: N3554) will bring several Creative LED Display products to show on the booth as follows, give you a different visual feast. 
P5mm Sphere LED Display
With several Invention & Utility Model Patents;
Customized PCB design, seamless connection;
Pixel Pitch and Diameter can be customized;
Both Synchronous & Asynchronous control;
Aluminum structure, good heat dissipation and high stability.
LED Display
Outdoor P3.91mm Rental LED Display
Elegant die-casting aluminum cabinet design, good heat dissipation, noise free;
Multilocks positioning, seamless connection error<0.05mm
Wide viewing distance, high refresh rate, high contrast and good color uniformity;
Front/Rear maintenance optional;
Fast locking, quick installation design, support 0~20°curved display demands.
P6mm LED Can Display
High degree of simulation can vividly display ads according to the shape of cans;
High gray scale, refresh rate, stability and reliability;
Wide viewing angle and good surface flatness;
Professional package ensures the easy installation and transportation;
Widely used in Indoor & Outdoor environment.
LED Display
Indoor P4mm Flexible LED Display
Customized flexible PCB design and rubber mask and shell frame;
High gray scale and refresh rate design;
Suitable for stage background, showroom, meeting room for curved display;
Magnet design ensure the convenient installation;
High stability, reliability and safety.
Date: June 6-8 2018
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth No: N3554
Welcome to visit our booth to know more about our Creative LED Display products.