Ledman-Apexls Led Sphere Shining on ASEAN

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2018-09-22

Middle September of 2018, ASESAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Science & Technology City cheers for it’s shining star, a sparkle Apexls (Ledman Group subsidiary company) Led Sphere display has been successfully installed and unveiled to visitors, deeply improved the whole building’s attractiveness and shall meet audiences’ visual interaction requirements.
Led sphere
As a major project of Guangxi Bourau Autonomous Region, Nanning Qidi ASEAN Science and Technology City is located in the central of Longgang Business Circle (Wuxiang New District), combines with parks, communities and campuses, It’s also the demonstration base of ”the Belt and Road” facing ASESAN territories. In the future, it will be developed into a cluster base of modern internationalized and intelligent conference centers, incubation platforms and innovation enterprises.
Led sphere
This φ2m P3 Apexls sphere is empowering with 4 items of Innovation patents and 2 Appearance patents, hoisting in the central of Innovation Digital Exhibition Hall, assembling with Lighting & sound, Aesthetics and Electronic technologies together, bringing audiences 360°enjoyable experience towards the city’s long term prospect. 
Led sphere
Nowadays, Apexls has produced more than 500 (P3--P12, φ1m--16.3m) Led sphere all around the world, widely applies to Science & Technology Museums, Exhibition Halls, Theme parks, Clubs and Lighting...Not only suits to advertising, but also for architectural decoration projects.
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