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LED Curtain Display
  • LED Curtain Display
  • Classification:
    LED Curtain Display
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
    ≥6500 nits
  • Application:
    Mainly used for outdoor fixed equipment including replacing neon light billboard the traditional LED advertising screen decorating building surface and glass cur

LED curtain display, also can call LED strip display、LED Mesh and LED Media Facade. LED curtain display is the optimal choice for large building acade with high safety. LED curtain display reaches 30%-75% transparency,effectively reduce the wind resistance, and lightweight, easy-nstallation structure.
GDT-Outdoor (Super-large screen grid display terminal for outdoor)
New generation outdoor LED display-GDT modules, adopt the intelligent patent design:
1. Front installation and maintenance improves the efficiency of installation.
2.Free hand disassembly and non-professional operation lower the intensity of installation.
3.No aviation plugs design of the power and data improve the reliability of the product.
4. Integrate controller design, reduces the fault rate.
5.Status online monitoring, active maintenance methods, improve customer satisfaction.
6. Cloud playing and controlling system, put an end to play risk.
Installation Diagram (LED-GDT Series)
The design principle of LED curtain display focus on the research and analysis of products cost, manufacturing, performance, clients’ requirements, installation & maintenance, quality certificates etc, it’s a perfect mature products for Outdoor Media Facade and big LED screen field. With the following unique advantages: High transparency--50%~75%, efficiently reduce the wind resistance, enhance the daylighting rate; Without steel structure--without the complicated steel structure as regular led screens, save the worker’s cost; Light weight--About 18KG/sqm; Convenient installation and maintenance--LED strip can be replaced individually, front and rear maintenance available, non-professionals can install and disassemble the LED screen; Energy-saving--Adopt high efficiency PFC power supply;High weather resistance--suitable for high humidity, strong ultra-violet, high&low temperature etc worse weather conditions. 
led curtain display
Mainly used for outdoor fixed equipment, including replacing neon light, billboard, the traditional LED advertising screen, decorating building surface and glass curtain wall.

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