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Cylindrical LED Display
  • Cylindrical LED Display
  • Classification:
    Cylindrical LED Display
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
    ≥ 800 nits
  • Application:
    Show room Museum Exhibition Airport Shopping mall hotel.etc. this kind of places

Product Features:
Cylindrical LED Display with 9pcs faces of LED circular screen, can show 9pcs different video respectively, and also can show 1 video with a whole. Gives the audience significant feeling, make 100% attraction. 
Can be used for outdoor, water proof standard. 
Can be used for indoor, HD video effect.
Can be different pixel pitch.
Can be different size (diameter).
Can be different pcs of circular. 
Special design of the structure.
Aluminum material structure, light weight and perfect for cooling. 
Special design of the software.
Support a variety of external signal access with Video processor.
Support both Front access and back access way of maintenance. 

* 360 degree circular viewing angle
* Visible from any direction
* Seamless matching makes the effect more smooth and vivid
* Customized special LED modules and LED cabinets.
* Standing or hanging type available
Show room, Museum, Exhibition, Airport, Shopping mall, hotel.etc. this kind of places. 

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