Stadium LED Display Solution

Author: Apexls From: Time: 2016-03-25

Stadium LED Display Solution
Historically, stadium perimeter banner display boards were basic signs with static graphics, this obviously limited each display board to promote one advertiser. Nowadays, these have been replaced with LED stadium surround displays, LED scrolling display boards that act as an electronic billboard for potential advertisers, this gives the stadium and club a huge potential for advertising revenue. Apexls Stadium LED Display is specially designed for all kinds of stadiums. The diverse play modes greatly enhance the value of commercial advertisement. With vivid and brilliant colors, Apexls perimeter demonstrates brand concept accurately . It is widely accepted in numerous world class events such as football, basketball and hockey match etc.
Features and advantages of Stadium LED display Solution
*Elegant cabinet design
*Rubber louver, padding and foot stands
*Hot replaceable modules without cables and screws
*Front and back serviceable, easy to maintain & install
*90° rotating cabinet without signal loss
*Uniform cabinet height ensured by adjustable foot cups
*Closed annular screen can be achieved
*Power & data backup
*IP65(front)/54(rear) waterproof
led display
led display
Applications of stadium LED display 
LED displays are widely used in football, basketball hall LED display, swimming center LED display, LED display sports stadium, funnel-shaped sports LED display, stadium LED display wall, outdoor sports column LED display sports venues LED display.

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