Apexls’Iregular LED displays mark the mall


Recently, Hong Kong listed company Jiannina group and dongguan Kanglian group jointly built Dongguan Jiahui life mall into a comprehensive trial stage. A series of innovative LED display screens customized for Jiahui life mall by Apexls (a subsidiary company of Ledman group ) have been unveiled with the opening of the shopping mall, adding unique charming to Jiahui mall.



Dongguan Jiahui life mall collect with "a celebration of life" as the theme, connected household, shopping, leisure, entertainment, one-stop life experience, lead the Dongguan consumption trend.



Jiahui mall has adopted a number of LED special-shaped screens to create a visual "highlight" of the shopping mall by high-tech means. There are two hexagonal P10 outdoor screens with 97 square meters each, P6.25 interactive floor tiles with 96 square meters, P4 cylindrical screens with 32 square meters and P3 indoor high-definition screens with 44 square meters. 



The most eye-catching is the LED cylindrical screen in the atrium interaction floor on the 1st  floor of building 3 and the Jainina restaurant multi-function hall on the 5th floor of building 3.The LED interactive tile screen can not only play video and sound like the conventional display, but also realize the human-screen induction and interaction. The multi-media intelligent interaction gives the guests a full range of feelings of sound, light, electricity and shadow. People go through it as if they are embarking on a unique artistic journey of interactive digital display magic. With a little tiptoe, they step into the world of light and shadow, colorful and colorful, and bring the audience an immersive visual experience.



The LED cylindrical screen, with high P4 count distance, diameter of 3.912m and height of 2.56m, has a bright and smooth display effect, with a 360 degree viewing Angle, completely eliminating viewing dead Angle, and a specially designed video source, presenting a first-class visual effect for the audience and becoming a unique landscape.


With professional special-shaped screen design and rich experience in special-shaped screen construction, Apexls has successfully completed the research, development, production, construction and installation of this project. Apexls and Jihui mall together create a new benchmark of Dongguan smart business. With high quality products and advanced skills, Apexls bring the prosperity and beauty brought by high technology to urban life by its unique design and special products.

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